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SZTE among the top 200 Universities Devoted to Sustainability and Social Responsibility

The University of Szeged is ranked among the 200 best universities in the world in the latest Times Higher Education Impact Ranking, which examined the higher education, economic and social impact of the institutions. The ranking of the University of Szeged is 101-200. Whereas according to the education quality measure list, the University of Szeged is ranked the best Higher Education Institute in Hungary.

The Times Higher Educations newly launched ranking measures third missions of the institutions. The list measuring the institution’s social, economic impact and its sustainability is based on the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals. 500 Universities from around 75 countries participated in the survey. The freshest rank of THE, has measured 11 areas out of 17. From which the University of Szeged performed outstandingly in five areas.

When it comes to measuring ‘Quality Education’, the University of Szeged was ranked in the 101-200 place as the best Hungarian higher education institution. Moreover, in the field of ‘Partnership for the Goals’ of sustainable development SZTE is also ranked 45th as the best Hungarian university.

The results achieved in the field of Quality Education also confirm that the University of Szeged is constantly striving to improve the conditions for comprehensive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning. This list was compiled with indicators such as the number of graduates of teacher training and conditions for lifelong learning, free access to educational resources and awareness raising activities, opportunities for non-university audience (cultural programs, popularization courses), and existence of talent management programs with local schools and communities. The Partnership for Sustainable Development assessed the role of the University in social dialogue and volunteering programs, relations with regional and national partners, civil society organizations and cooperation with international units.

Among the national Universities the SZTE took first place in the Sustainable Cities and Communities area and the 101-200 place internationally. Providing local community with access to cultural values and institutions, cultural heritage, the operation of self-contained art groups, encouraging healthy lifestyles and transport, environmentally-friendly and sustainable investments have been the basis of the ranking.

At the national level, the University of Szeged achieved an outstanding ranking in the ‘Good Health and Well-being goal, taking the 97th place. The list included, among other things, the number of students attending health education, the development of health awareness, lifestyle counselling and access to sports facilities. When it comes to the Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure goal, SZTE took the 101-200 place. The survey measured among others the number of university spin-offs and the institutions’ pursuit in research and innovation.


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