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Urban heat island forecast

Temperature and urban heat island in the next two days

The forecast is was by using model WRF based on global forecast of GFS. The model creates 48-hour forecasts on every day from 0 UTC for this area.

T urban - air temperature of the city center (°C)
T rural - air temperature of rural area (°C)
UHI - urban heat island intensity (°C), which is the difference in air temperature between the rural and urban area
The initial date of forecast can be adjusted in the left upper corner.
The following settings can be adjusted in the right upper corner:
- The length of forecast, which is 24 or 48 hours.
- The domain of the forecast. The resolution is 9 km, 3 km and 1 km in case of d01, d02 and d03, respectively. The domains map is available here.
- The city, which is currently Szeged or Novi Sad.
The visualization of diagram can be personalized by the icons in the right upper corner.

The forecast is comparable with the measurements in case of Szeged here.

The forecast was supported by NKFIH (K-111768) project.

This forecast was made for research purposes and in order to draw the attention to urban heat island phenomenon. The official forecast is available on the website of the Hungarian Meteorological Service.

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