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Monitoring, forecasting and development of online public early warning system for extreme precipitations and pluvial floods in urban areas in the Hungarian-Serbian cross-border region

Supporting organisation
IPA Cross-border Co-operation Programme (ID HUSRB/1602/11/0097)
Project duration
2017. 11. 01. - 2019. 10. 31.

Project leader
University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Natural Sciences
University of Szeged
University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Engineering
Municipality of the City of Szeged
Water and Sewerage Works of Novi Sad

Climate change is expected to increase the frequency and intensity of precipitation and pluvial flood occurrences in urban areas of Central Europe. Thus, the proposed project presents an outstanding opportunity to develop and implement an innovative monitoring, forecasting and online public early warning system for extreme precipitation and pluvial floods in urban areas of the Hungarian-Serbian Cross-border region. Through the project, two dense monitoring precipitation networks will be installed in the most-populous cities of the Programme area: Novi Sad (Serbia) and Szeged (Hungary). Continuous data recording, transmission and processing, as well as real time display of the processed data in a spatial (i.e. map) form will be useful for citizens (i.e. individual adaptation) and public institutions (e.g. traffic and water management, city government) of the Cross-border region. Real-time precipitation forecasting model for the whole programme area supplemented with the forecast of pluvial flood occurrences in Novi Sad and Szeged will be developed through the project based on the measured data from the networks and the remotely sensed data. Measured data will be used to fine-tune the remotely sensed data thus enabling the development of more precise forecast model for the Programme area. Measured and forecasted data will be freely available for everyone in real-time on the project website, project social pages and mobile android application giving an early warning to the citizens and public authorities in order to protect them and prepare their effective response to these extreme weather and water situations.

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