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Adaptation of the PALM-4U urban climate model using the Local Climate Zone system in case of a medium sized city

Supporting organization

National Research, Development and Innovation Fund, NKFI PD 143378

Duration of the project

01. 12. 2022. – 30. 11. 2025.

Participant of the project

Nóra Skarbit

Aim of the project

The main objective of the research is to adapt the PALM-4U urban climate model to the city of Szeged. The Department of Climate and Landscape Ecology has used other models based on different methodologies in previous research, but this model uses a modern approach, the so-called LES (large-eddy simulation) technique. That is, turbulence, which plays a very important role in cities, is not described by parameterization but solved explicitly. As a result, the urban climatology of Szeged can be described in much more detail and with greater accuracy than before. A further aim of the research is to build the Local Climate Zone system into the model as a surface description. A key issue in the modelling process is to provide as accurate a representation of the urban surface as possible. This system allows an objective separation of the urban surface and does not require a significant amount of data to define the climate zones. Furthermore, all the necessary data and software for classification are available free. Based on our previous modelling experience, the use of this system improves the accuracy of the city description and thus the reliability of the output data. Another important component of the model is the human biometeorology module, which quantifies the heat load in the city using different thermal indices. Due to the dense resolution of the model and the applied techniques, we can analyze the thermal load of the city's public spaces in detail. In this way, the most accurate recommendations can be made for urban adaptation and mitigation strategies, such as urban green spaces or changes in the built-up types.

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