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Modelling the combined effect of urban climate and climate change on extreme weather

Supporting organization

National Research, Development and Innovation Fund, NKFI K 137801

Duration of the project

01. 09. 2021. - 31. 08. 2025.

Participants of the project

University of Szeged, Department of Climatology and Landscape Ecology

Aim of the project

Currently the climate change is the most crucial research topic. Several institutions have high level research on the field of climate change, but the climate modelling efforts mostly concentrate on global and regional scales. In urban areas owing to the local climate modification, namely the urban climate, most of the climatic factors are already changed. As a consequence, the urban citizens already live and work in a changed climate environment. One of the most crucial questions is related to the effect of severe weather events on urban areas. It is impossible to estimate correctly the effect of climate change on cities without detailed research on climate change and urban climate interactions.
This research aims to fulfill knowledge gap and open questions about the effect of extreme weather events on urban areas. In order to reach this goal a complex modelling research is necessary. The results of this research may help the scientific society to provide more relevant climate projections, moreover to help the decision makers and citizens to prepare more accurate climate adaptation strategies. The research contains different modelling approaches to help the deeper understanding of the urban effects on extreme weather in meteorological and climatological timeframes. This modelling work covers the following areas: i) weather prediction of temperature and precipitation; ii) climate modelling for the proper temperature and heat stress index predictions; iii) forecasting and prediction of human thermal comfort; iv) development of a calculation efficient urban heat island prediction model.

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