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Evaluations and public display of URBAN PATterns of Human thermal conditions

Supporting organization

IPA Cross-border Co-operation Programme (ID HUSRB/1203/122/166)

Duration of the project

01. 02. 2013. - 29. 10. 2014.

Participants of the project

Aim of the project

The Dep. of Climatology and Landscape Ecology of the University of Szeged, and the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Novi Sad, intend to realise a development of innovation in the frame of joint implementation unique to Central Europe. More and more people live and/or work in urban environment as a consequence of intensifying urbanisation processes, therefore changing and increasing urban climatic phenomena induce bioclimatic stress, thus growing measures of health problems. This issue is gaining great attention, as the process implies the global-scale change in background climate, which is expected to conclude that climatic load on human organisation changes more intensely in cities. The project presents an outstanding opportunity for the universities on both sides of the border and their partners to exchange their experience, and besides taking the target specifications into account it will be a great occasion to determine the guidelines of further developments. By constructing a meteorological network, the opportunity for pushing the geographic boundaries through science, common professional developments at the departments and extending their research fields will occur. The project will reinforce professional relationships among climate researchers, and will also confer advantage to urban population, public bodies and authorities. The network will be available and interpretable through the IT systems to be installed by the partners. Entry, continuous transmittal and procession of data sent by the system, as well as real time spatial (mapped) visualization accessible to the public will intensify cross-border professional cooperations in the target area. Experts and authorities will be able to determine further developments at the partner meetings; moreover, the collectively elaborated study will also provide guidance for extending information about the cognition of the thermic state of narrower and broader (urban) environment.

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