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Nature4Cities (N4C)Nature Based Solutions for re-naturing cities: knowledge diffusion and descriptionsupport through new collaborative models

Supporting organization

Europian Comission – Executive Agensy for Small and Medium –sized Enterprises (EASME) H2020-SCCNBS 730468 (2016-2020)

Duration of the project

01. 11. 2016. - 29. 10. 2020

Participants of the project

NOBATEK (NBK), France (Lead Beneficiary)
Fundation Technalia Research and Innovation (TEC), Spain
Luxembourgh Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), Luxembourg
Fundacio Eurecat (EUT), Spain
Fundacion Cartif (CAR), Spain
Centre d Etudes et d Expertise sur les Risques l Environment (CER), France
Institut Superieur des Sciences Agronomiques, Agroalimentaires, Horticoles et du Paysage (AO), France
Middle East Technical University (METU), Turkey
Acciona Infraestructuras S.A. (ACC), Spain
D'Appolonia SPA (DAPP) SPA, Spain
Green4Cities GMBH (G4C) Austria
R2M Solution SRL (R2M) SRL, Italy
Ekodenge (EKO), Turkey
Argedor (ARG), Turkey
Colouree SRL (CLR), Italy
Innova Integra Limited (IIL), United Kingdom
Duneworks BV (DW), Netherlands
Plante&Cite (P&C), France
Magyar Urbanisztikai Tudásközpont Nonprofit Kft. (MUTK), Hungary
Citta Metropolitana di Milano (CMM), Italy
Cankaya Belediyesi (CAN), Turkey
Szeged Megyei Jogú Város Önkormányzata (SZEG), Hungary
Ayuntamiento de Alcala de Henares (AH), Spain
Universite de Nantes (UN), France

Aim of the project

The environmental concept of NBS has recently been identified by the E.U. as a strategic frame to help the development of sustainable cities. Nature4Cities is one of the two research program selected and funded by the European Union in order to build a common ground for “NBS & Re-Naturing Cities”, through the H2020 Research and Innovation Programme.The N4C project aims to develop a scientific and technical database and operational tool for the effectiveness of Nature Based Solutions applied in a framework which considers a holistic approach and, which integrates multiple stakeholders. It intents to produce knowledges and to empower urban projects stakeholders (involved in urban planning/design/management intervention) to take decision. It addresses to scientists, urban decision makers, practitioners and citizens.

Nature4Cities project is based on:

- the building of a NBS knowledge base and associated, integrated analysis framework

- the development of a holistic assessment methodology exploring technical, governance, business, financing models and economic aspects.

- the adaptation of existing technologies for citizen's participatory engagement, urban data acquisition and urban data management

- the co-development and assessment of actual NBS projects and strategies with Partner Cities

N4C research team is an interdisciplinary and international team (from 9 countries). The consortium partners take a pro-active part in the EU dynamics of R&D&I, at the crossing of urban green infrastructure planning and construction sector, environmental assessment, social sciences, innovation management and Information and Communication Technology supporting tools. All along the 4-years project, researchers, policy makers, planners, professionals from the public and private sector and citizens will work together to develop knowledge, new collaborative models and tools in order to enhance the Re-naturing Cities transition. The links with and between these stakeholders will contribute to upscale results, share Best-Practices generated by the project and widespread their expertise all over Europe. The knowledge built will remain and be spread through the decision supporting web platform. The project will thus sustain with its full services and operative capacity after the project lifetime.

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