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Modeling of urban and intra-urban scale thermal effect of climate change in the 21th century for cities in Carpathian basin

Supporting organization

National Research, Development and Innovation Fund, NKFI K 120346

Duration of the project

01. 12. 2016. - 31. 08. 2021.

Participants of the project

University of Szeged, Department of Climatology and Landscape Ecology

Aim of the project

Investigation of the climate change is the most prevalent field of climatology. Numerous studies concentrate on the modeling the effect of climate change at global and regional scales. It is important to draw the attention for urban areas, because there not only the global and regional scale processes has influence on the climate parameters. The special characteristics of the surface and the human activities modify the climate in urban areas (e.g. temperature, wind), and finally a typical local scale climate modification appears the so called urban climate. The climate modification has a similar magnitude in urban-rural scale like the observed changes caused by the climate change. For example in a medium sized city the mean annual temperature is 1°C higher than the surrounding rural areas. If our aim is to predict the possible effects of climate change on the population it is crucial to take into account the special urban climate processes, too.
The overall aim of the research is the prediction of climate indices (e.g. summer days, tropical nights) describing the heat stress conditions in selected urban areas of the Carpathian-basin for the 21th century. For this climate prediction the combined effect of climate change and urban climate will be considered. An additional aim of the project is to summarize recommendations for local authorities and urban planners about the possibilities of the mitigation of climate change in urban areas.

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